Friday, March 16, 2001

Kathryn and my sister picked me up at the airport, and there was quite a bit of tension in the air. She asked me to spend the night (even if it's just one last time), but I declined. I feel guilty enough already, without sleeping with her. I know what would happen, too...if we starting up a physical relationship again, I would want a continuted relationship...until I went on a trip, then it would only last about 2 weeks. Definitely don't want to put either of us through that again.

We went with two friends to a Ron Jeremy documentary for SXSW today. Unfortunately, he wasn't there. It would have been so cool - he probably would have signed girls' breasts if he had been there. It was an enjoyable experience nonetheless.

Monday, March 12, 2001

I had the tough talk with my girlfriend last night. It actually wasn't nearly so bad as I expected; she didn't seem too surprised. She wondered why I hadn't waited until I saw her, and I said it was because I didn't want her to get excited about my coming and then have a big let-down when I showed up. I'm sure there will be more difficult conversations when we actually see each other.

Last week I made a list of goals for my leave of absence, and here they are:
  • Keep a journal of some sort (blogger, paper, whatever) - so far, check that one off
  • Unload my BMW
  • Have some experience where I randomly kiss a girl or something of the sort
  • Read a Harry Potter book in Spanish
  • Create a spending plan for my leave and stick to it. I can't spend as much money as I've been spending.
  • Go to at least 1 country I haven't been to before
  • Meet some people that I keep in touch with afterwards. This shouldn't be too hard.
  • Kiss a Scandinavian or Spanish girl.
  • See midsummer in Scandinavia